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Patron: The Baroness Perry of Southwark



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Young volunteers from the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa itself and elsewhere, have played an important part in the life of St Mark's College and new volunteers are always welcome.


In the past volunteers nearly all came in their gap year after school and formed a small group of their own within the College, assisting in classroom teaching, running and coaching sports and other extra curricular activities, including teaching in local primary schools in the surrounding countryside as part of the St Mark's College outreach programme. Our video clip Volunteering shows one of our earliest volunteers at work in a local village school. More recently volunteers have been older, contributing to St Mark's after graduating.


Volunteers make a valuable and well appreciated contribution to the schools whilst gaining useful real world experience themselves, which can help them in their own work applications and careers.





Supporting Education and Outreach at St Mark's College in South Africa


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