St Mark's College Trust

Patron: The Baroness Perry of Southwark



Registered Charity Number: 1006316




Lady Perry and Butši Tladi, one of the Strength of St Mark's, outside the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. Butši is Managing Director of Alexander Forbes Health and is also a member of the St Mark's College Council.


The Alumni of St Mark's College call themselves “The Strength of St Mark's”. The name has been most appropriate. The Strength have been very much involved in the governance of the College and have played an active part in raising funds for the College over the past 10 years.


Many of the Strength are now successful professionals, doctors, accountants, engineers, teachers, TV presenters, business men and women and they donate generously to their old school.

Supporting Education and Outreach at St Mark's College in South Africa


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