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Patron: The Baroness Perry of Southwark



Registered Charity Number: 1006316




Teaching and Lessons:


Class in primary school library with the headmaster and librarian


Primary School Librarian:


Some years ago a building was put up to house the Primary School Library in memory of Peter Cole. But a library is more than a physical building. It needs constant direction and enthusiastic promotion. To this end the St Mark's College Trust has paid for a full time librarian. The project has been a great success. “Our library and librarian make the biggest single contribution to our school” maintains Joel Nkwane, Primary School Principal.


We would like to continue funding the librarian for three more years, but this will cost £30,000.


Library Books:


A library of course also needs books and learning materials.


We aim to provide at least £1,000 a year for books and library materials.




The St Mark's College Trust has always regarded bursaries as its prime concern. A bursary not only provides a deserving child with an opportunity to obtain a good education but also allows the College to recycle the funds into the innumerable needs of any school such as salaries, science equipment, sports facilities, maintenance, etc.


We provide bursaries of differing amounts ranging from around       £50 - £500 depending on need. To do so, we rely entirely on donor support.


Our video clip Teaching and Lessons shows how professional staff together with a well equipped classroom improve and enhance the lessons.



Primary School Class Rooms:


The popularity of the Primary school means that despite efforts to maintain high staff pupil ratios, the original buildings are now inadequate and many classes are held in prefabs - very cold in winter and very hot in summer.



Building Maintenance:


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